vendredi 24 février 2012

EXO in MIA round 2

On february 11th, Eric St-laurent, Alex Decelles, Alex Morin and our new addition to the team Jo Daigle escaped the cold winter of Quebec city. A nice destination for us is Miami there's tons of spots its sunny and the weather is really good for us to skate ! We took Decelles's car for the trip, we did the way one it means like 33 hours in a car no-stop except to eat and take a piss.. believe me after a while you cant feel your ass no more !
A Cheap place to eat in the US is for sure any TACO BELL you can find some good tacos for like 89 cents
By I dont know which chance we met some homies from montreal, we linked up with a filmer named Jacques Turner, this guy showed us a lot of spot in Miami and he hooked us up with a generator for the time we had to spend down there ! Thx Jack !!!
One day we went to that spot on Biscayne Key its really gettho and it smell really bad ! Alex Decelles Five-o fakie just for fun !
When im sayin there's some good spots in MIA here's a good example, Im sure you will agree with that !
Here is a funny spot but its not in a funny place, its in an area called culmer...Its right by downtown Miami but its the hood. Upthere you dont have to drive a lot to see the difference between the poor people and the rich ! You just gotta cross a street go under a tramway rail walk or drive a couple of block and there you go ! WELCOME TO CULMER BUDDY !
Some people tell us when we are going on a skate trip that is vacation...rectification right here please..its fun for us to go on a skate trip because we love skateboarding but for a normal person it will never make any sense to go in miami and never reach the beach during the trip.. when people ask us what did u do lucky guy !? how good was the girls at the beach ? Euuh....!? You dont really know what to say.. humm we went to some highschool or some basketball course in the middle of nowhere, sorry I haven't see a lot of girl over 21 years old ...Here's a photo of our kind of beach spot ! Eric St-Laurent at works !!!

samedi 18 février 2012


Road trip in india by Waker Ryan and Kenny Reed.
All spots in India

dimanche 5 février 2012

Raw Mondayz at EXO skatepark

Here's a final montage of all the raw mondayz we did this winter, featuring the exo team hope you will enjoy !